Pro Care Physical Therapy Group serves a wide variety of different clients ranging in age from birth to seniors. Our clients come to us either with a particular problem that has a diagnosis needing rehab and recovery or to receive treatment solely because they recognize the need to achieve and maintain a high functioning body, mind and spirit for optimal health.
Ron M.
"I have had problems with my back since 2009. I choose to see Mauricio Zamora because he is thoughtful and explores more remedies for my problem more that any other therapist I have ever worked with. I recommend Mauricio to anyone with serious unexplained back problems. He truely has a wealth of knowledge and information in back therapy."
Bob S.
"Pro Care PT has been working with me on my spinal condition. In addition to treating me, they have also educated me about my back. Pro Care has taken their time to get to know me, and they approach my therapy with my specific needs and goals in mind. Pro Care PT makes therapy fun."
Lisa V.
"Thanks for all your help with my ACL recovery. I was very pleased with my progress and was very happy with the care and attention you and your staff provided. I'll keep you up to date on my progress at home. You have a great staff there."
Marie E.
"Thank you for giving me my life back. You understood what I wanted to accomplish, and helped me do that with good humor and fun. I always felt encouraged, hopeful and positive, You have been super and I will miss physical therapy. Your entire staff was wonderful too. Thanks so much again" 
With highest regard."
Valerie M.
"Pro Care from start to finish is an outstanding organization. It was a pleasure to be treated by such superb professionals. Everyone working at Pro Care shows consideration and care for the patients they treat."
Joseph R.
"Thank you for getting me back on my feet following hip replacement surgery. I really appreciated Mauricio's expertise, care and sympathy during my time in physical therapy. Many thanks."
With the same philosophy and core treatment approach, we work closely together as a team. We make use of the wealth of experience we have as a group, as well as individually, with the focused goal of helping our clients along their path of recovery towards optimum health.


Pro Care Physical Therapy Group has one of the best fitness centers in the Tri State Area.

Our fitness center is fitted with an assortment of fitness machines which are located on our lower level.